There are many ways to remove warts. You can have them surgically removed for example. Or you can use natural treatments like Tea Tree Oil or chemical based methods containing Salicylic Acid. And then lastly there certainly are the home remedies like duct tape.

Treating warts with nail polish is also in this category of home remedies. Surprisingly it works very well to get rid of verrucae.

As with all home remedies, there is no scientific proof that it really works. But there is enough evidence of nail varnish working to kill them. You can find many reports online that outline the success stories from patients having used this remedy.


The application of nail polish to treat warts is straightforward. It will take a few weeks or even months to remove warts with this method. Other remedies that are based on Salicylic Acid, like Wartrol, can typically heal your warts faster.

  • Wash the verruca with water and soap
  • Dry the wart off completely
  • Apply the nail polish directly on the wart. Make sure to completely cover the wart and a little of the surrounding area.
  • Let the nail varnish dry and then apply another layer. Do this until you have several (around 5) layers covering the wart.
  • Apply a band aid to cover the treated area to ensure that the nail polish stays securely on the wart and doesn’t fall off during the day.

Repeat this application daily until the verruca vanishes. The process will take a while to kill the wart. You might at regular intervals remove the nail polish and file the remaining wart down with a pumice stone or an emery board.


There is some discussion on whether to use clear or colored nail polish on warts. Some users that have treated their warts with nail polish claim that it is based on either being a dark colored nail polish or clear.

Besides the colored nail polish containing more chemicals there seems to be no good reason to assume that any would work better than the other. However, in our opinion it is best to use clear nail polish. It does not add any chemicals from the colors and it allows you to see the treated wart under the application.


Nail Polish works the same way that duct tape works. With the wart being completely covered, it is cut off from getting oxygen. This will eventually suffocate the wart and it will die.

Typically, the wart will start to turn black when it doesn’t get any oxygen over a longer period of time. Don’t expect this to happen during the first few days of the treatment. It will then shrink and eventually fall off. Having it covered with a band aid also helps to keep the wart from falling off somewhere in the house and you have to start hunting for it.

While the wart does not get fed with Oxygen anymore, it can’t grow any further and eventually dies. It cannot survive without oxygen.

An additional side effect of using nail polish is that the complete covering of the wart will make it less contagious. The virus will not be able to spread outside of the wart as it is covered completely.

To recapture, nail polish does not have some hidden or secret virus killer in it. It simply is able to cut off the wart from the needed oxygen and kill it that way.


A possible way to increase the speed of this treatment is to combine salicylic acid with the nail polish. In that case it’s best to put the acid directly on the wart and let it dry. Then cover it up with nail polish.

The process in this case involves that you wash the area around the wart and completely dry it. Then you apply the salicylic acid. Once that’s dry you apply the nail polish in several layers. Let it dry before applying the next layer. Lastly, you place a band aid over it.

The acid will wear down the wart as it is expected to. The nail polish will then additionally suffocate the verruca and the overall process will typically need less time. In any case, you want to watch the treated skin area to make sure that you don’t have an adverse skin reaction to any of the treatment!


If you do not see any success after a few rounds of treatment, then it’s best to remove the nail polish and try other remedies. Don’t forget that skin needs oxygen to breathe and stay healthy.

Using nail polish on your skin will prevent it from getting air and thus it will die off. The goal is to kill the wart and not to damage any surrounding skin.

Having said that please make sure that you do not use nail polish or any other remedy on delicate areas of your body. This would specifically mean your genitals as well as for example your face. You can use nail varnish on genital warts but please use common sense as you are treating a very sensitive area!

You should also immediately stop any treatment if it causes pain or discomfort. In that case you want to consult your medical professional immediately. You also want to immediately consult your doctor if you see a reaction of the surrounding skin to the treatment. This could be redness of the skin, irritated skin or an infection of the area around the treated wart.


Nail polish is a proven and reliable home remedy to treat warts. It effectively kills the warts by suffocating them. However, it has to be admitted carefully and you can’t use it on delicate areas of your body. You should also be careful when using nail polish to treat genital warts.

If you take the usual precautions you can safely use nail polish to kill your warts. It can work very well in combination with salicylic acid. This will often speed up the process and you will get rid of your warts faster.


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