The basic idea of the diet on hours originated from French doctor Alan Delabosa, which registered his program in 1986. From then until now Chrono diet has changed and improved. Dr. Anna Gifing is a great supporter and promoter of this kind of diet, she has introduced to her patients a new phase as a part of this diet which is called – Restriction.

Restriction is a period in which the body is being cleaned and it adapts to the new diet. Most of the body weight is reduced in this phase.

Three main principles of which this diet is based on are:

Creating an alkaline environment in the body, because acidification causes chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases (cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc.).

Well-organized control of daily meals – mandatory are three main meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a time gap of 4-6 hours between the meals. During those 4-6 hours you do not need to consume any food, only thing that is allowed are water and herbal tea.

Carbohydrate index (GI) – the rate at which certain foods increase the level of blood sugar (glucose) that is applying the so-called slow sugars.

The program of Chrono diet allows you to learn the principles of healthy nutrition, proper selection of groceries and good combinations of different foods in short time and without any effort. Chrono diet can be used in any situation, at school, at work, at home, or on holiday or business trip.

This program does not involve counting calories, measuring foods and determining the amount of food you eat, does not provide specific recipes. The philosophy of the program is that each person receives awareness that will be the basis for living a healthy life.

By following this program, those suffering from the today’s most common metabolic diseases can now lower their cholesterol, triglyceride and sugar levels within 10 to 30 days.

All rules can be applied within the family and children can focus on the goal of a long and healthy life in early stage of life.

The advantage of the Chrono diet is that it does not have a so called yo-yo effect (weight loss-gain), while it permanently resolves a problem of any metabolic disorders.

The first phase of a program of diet, so called restrictive regime, takes 28 days, involves quitting fast (simple) sugars such as sweets, fruit, white / yellow sugar, artificial sweeteners, as well as alcoholic beverages containing a high concentration of alcohol. After conducting a restrictive regime, certain products are gradually included in the diet.


BREAKFAST – this is the most important meal!!!

Breakfast is a fundamental meal since this meal defines all cell functions within the human body for the rest of a day. If you aren’t ready to introduce breakfast as an obligatory and most important daily meal, you are not the right candidate for Chrono diet because you will not accomplish desired results.

An ideal breakfast would consist of fats, proteins and slow sugars (grains) because the human body is naturally adjusted to properly digest this combination of foods only in the morning. Fruits are not desirable in the morning; apart from not being able to benefit from them at that time of the day, due to low secretion of enzymes participating in fruit digestion, it is also hard to digest.

LUNCH – battery charging.

Lunch should include animal proteins, vegetables as a source of slow sugars and fiber. And never, eat a desert after a meal.

SNACK – it is a good practice to eat some sweats in the afternoon such as fast sugars as a quick

source of energy and allow our bodies to relax while providing energy necessary for a proper functioning of the brain.

DINNER – time to rest.
In the evening our bodies begin to rest; the level of cortisol (the vigilance hormone) drops dramatically, insulin levels are low while secretion of some of the digestive enzymes is higher. An ideal choice of food in the evening consists of light protein and salad meals (as well as some fruits low in starch), as a source of fiber. A cell regeneration and genesis period begins. Immune system is activated. The evening meal should be light since our body has no means to deal with the heavy or abundant food that we eat at night.

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