Homemade Syrup From Carrot Which Removes Phlegm From Lungs And Cures Cough

Carrot consists of many vitamins and minerals, and as an antioxidant it affects very positive on the organism, so it is recommended against: anemia, dental disease, heart and blood vessels, obesity, heartburn, depression and stress, dermatitis, eczema, kidney disease, osteoporosis, increased cholesterol, cold and flu…

It affects positively on improvement of the vision, nail repair, maintaining brain function, regulating overweight, it speeds up wound healing, combusting fats…

With the examinations it was found that carrot cleanses the organism of harmful materials caused by bad nutrition and effect of the polluted surrounding and various radiations.

Recipe for syrup


½ kg of carrots

3-4 teaspoons of organic honey


Peel and clean the carrots on pieces, boil them in water enough to cover the carrots and cook until they are soft. When the carrots are cooked, mash them with fork or in blender.

In the water where carrots were cooked, add honey and unite the honey with mashed carrots. Keep the recipe in glass container on cold. This syrup of carrots appeases cough and it is necessary to take 3-4 teaspoons per day.

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