How to lose weight as easily as possible?  Simple by changing some of your habits and learn couple of useful tricks that will help you fight extra pounds.

Hours spent in the gym are not the only way to lose weight. There are a number of daily activities that can be implemented.

The survey that was conducted in collaboration with 4,500 people showed that frequency of exercises is more important than number of hours spent in the gym.

It has also been shown that short and frequent exercises have better benefit, more important is the intensity of the duration of exercise, because it has shown that it’s an excellent way to prevent accumulation of fat.

Short-term exercises that you can do every day and that can lead to melting your fat are

  • taking a walk to work,
  • climbing stairs instead of using an elevator,
  • walk to the store, don’t use vehicle.

The study showed that women who performed these exercises on daily bases were thinner than women who are driving to work to work or store and use elevator. This proves that additional daily activity reduces the risk of obesity for 2% with male and even 5% with female population.

When you are constantly surrounded with images of skinny models, many girls want to lose weight whether they truly have extra pounds or not. Therefore it is not bad to know a few tricks that in the long term will accelerate burning of calories but will not harm your health.

One of these tricks is cold water. It boosts up metabolism and increases calorie consumption by 30%, also helps your body get rid of toxins. Use eight glasses of water daily, always one before each meal. During one year, regardless of other factors, you will lose about three and a half pounds.

Have you ever tried coconut oil? For degradation of coconut oil body needs more energy, but also loses more calories.

Coffee can also help you burn calories. A cup of coffee without milk and sugar has virtually no calories and speeds up the process of their consumption of 15%. One more thing which increases the burning of calories is hot peppers. So if you really don’t hate them add them to your daily meal.

Protein can build your muscles. Greater your muscle mass is more calories you burn. In addition, for the breakdown of proteins your body consumes a lot of energy that is equal to burning fat.

Do you need to relax if you want to Lose Weight?

Yes – and you should! Let’s say, if you don’t sleep enough, you will be hungrier, so be sure to get some sleep. Try to get in the mood and to love yourself as you are. Those who are unhappy with their appearance often consumed unhealthy food, while those who are happier with themselves often choose healthier kind of food.


Measure your weight often!

“It always amazing when people show up and don’t even know how much they gained weight over the past year,” said Dr. Ronald Sa. He recommends weighing at least once a week, in order to have regular record of our weight. This habit has long term results and can help you adjust your exercises. Don’t starve yourself and then go to gym, this will have negative effects, says Sa.

Do not exaggerate with your diet!

It is important to relax from time to time even if you are on a diet. You should reward yourself for your efforts, but don’t fool yourself with “sweet rewards” you may end up with couple of extra pounds.

“Many women don’t eat a lot but still gaining weight,” says Polet Lambert, chief nutritionist. “Often times our clients are on a diet and watch what they eat, but secretly they are eating candy that has 2,000 calories and destroy their diet.”

Lambert warns that people often don’t take care about how many calories they drink, because they don’t pay enough attention to what they pour into their bodies. This creates problems especially during the summer when people drink more soft drinks, cold coffee … When it comes to your “sweet reward”.

Identify your best motivators!

One of the biggest problems during any plan for losing weight is – giving up. Therefore in this “crisis situation” you need to know when and what motivates you to carry on.

“Whether it’s an anniversary of graduation, wedding or birthday party, these events are always a good source of motivation,” says Jessica Lin, director of development of the health-care program at the institute.

Boost cardio exercises!

Endurance trainings can build your muscles that are key to your strength. But to improve your metabolism or to burn more calories you need to boost your cardio exercises, says Andrew Wolf, a psychologist.

“People like to exercise Pilates and Yoga, which is great, but I must say that this is not the best solution when it comes to burning calories. If you really want to lose weight, seventy percent of your workout should be cardio exercise,” says Woolf .

Fibers, fibers and fibers only!

“There is no magic food, food supplement, tablet or something else which will miraculously melt your pounds”, says Gail Canfield, chief nutritionist. She says that Instead of searching for remedies, we should look for high-fiber foods.

Counting calories is important, but even more important is configuration of the food we eat. We must choose low-calorie foods that will also keep us healthy. “The best choices in this case are fruits and vegetables. Make them largest part of your meals,” explains Canfield.

Dr. Dana Frudz adds that we should consume 30 mg of fiber per day. “It will fill you up enough. You will not overeat and you will not starve”. As a best choice she recommends raspberries, pears, oatmeal and artichokes.

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